Are you an amateur radio operator looking for a hosted Raspberry Pi for your project. Do you need a radio-less hub for allstarlink? A dedicated echolink proxy or vpn setup for sites on remote LTE connections. You can chose from 3 different distributions to run on a real Raspberry Pi 3 b+ hosted in a real data center.

All of our Pi’s come with the following:
x Real Raspberry Pi 3 B+
x Dedicated 5V 2.4AMP Power Supply per Pi
x 16GB Class10 SD Card
x 8GB USB Flash Drive / Normally used to backup config files
x Real Public BGP Announced 44NET IP Address assigned to the device
x Ability for custom reverse PTR dns if required

Pricing is a flat $14.95 per month billed with auto-pay via our payment provider square so we accept most major credit cards. This service is open to again licensed amateur radio operators only. Support is limited to power-cycling of the device and a limited number of reloads of the OS. You will be provided with the IP address and a set of default credentials and be required to support/setup the device on your own. We just provide the hardware and connectivity.

Please fill out the form below to request service. You will be sent an invoice to setup billing.